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Mother nature.jpg

2021 - 2022

The world and society transformation triggers my attention to create my art. I research the extends of the change, the limits we confront in daily life. Where is the place for nature, free and organic shapes. And where is the digital and scientific part.



The world is full of different forms and colours. Taking them together, randomising and combining creates a new form. Here I go back to the history of Modernism in art and recover the forms giving them contemporary interpretation.

2020 - 2021

This project is about the search for harmony, harmony in the shapes and in the colours. I go to the essence of forms cutting off the excess of the shapes.

Composition_3 copy_edited.jpg

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2018 - 2019

This project explores the place of every human in the nature, the 'interinfluence'. How we integrate in the nature and how nature integrates in our life. 

2010 -2017

In my dissertation, I studied lexical processing in Dutch-English-French trilinguals. My focus was on interlingual words. The process of the research is sometimes messy and chaotic but leads to structured and well-organized thesis. These works give an overview of this process.


2018 -2019

With completely synthetic materials such as acrylic paint, acrylate and different glues I imitate the natural textures and shapes in his new series.

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