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based in Antwerp, Belgium





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Because I see myself as a sensitive person, since being a child I gather a lot of impressions from the outside world. For me it was logical to use art to express my emotions.

In my art I cross-over between the disciplines using different media to express my ideas. There is no hierarchy between the media. A video or sculpture can support the painting or play a rol of inspiration for it. The ideas in the painting can also evolve to an installation or sculpture. I freely jump between painting, sculpture, media art, performance and music. And all of them integrate a part of other media.

2021 Abstract geometry, Antwerp, Belgium 

2020 When the sun goes up and down, Antwerp, Belgium

2017 The art of science, Antwerp, Belgium

2015 Have a drink with the artist, Antwerp, Belgium
2014 Lights&OBJECTS, Antwerp, Belgium
2014 Introduction, Los Angeles, CA, USA
2013 Plastract, Antwerp, Belgium
2012 From Antwerp with love, Los Angeles, CA, USA
2011 Young Modern, Kunsthof, Berlin, Germany
2010 Emoticon, Kiev, Ukraine
2009 Ethnicity in modern art, Kiev, Ukraine
2008 Symbolism vs. Abstract, Kherson, Ukraine
2007 Young expressions, Kherson, Ukraine


2013 A show house at historic Greystone Mansion, Los Angeles, CA, USA
2013 Los Angeles antiques, art + design, Los Angeles, CA, USA


2017 special jury attention Campuscrack, Antwerp, Belgium

2015 Campuscrack, Antwerp, Belgium

2013 International Art Competition, New York, United States
2013 I'll be your mirror, 1650 Gallery, Los Angeles, United States 


2012 BRIC countries, Industiele Grote Club (IGC), Amsterdam, Netherlands
2011 Christmas card, Flieger Law Office, Antwerp, Belgium
2010 Christmas card, Flieger Law Office, Antwerp, Belgium


2014 What can colored words do in the lexical decision switch task? Language-independent access of interlingual homographs, PIF-2014, Belgium
2013 Language-independent access of interlingual cognates: effects of stimulus list composition and experimental task, PIF-2013, Belgium
2012 The influence of an absent language on the recognition of interlingual homographs and cognates, PIF-2012, Netherlands
2012 The influence of an absent language on the recognition of interlingual homographs and cognates, Mental Lexicon 8, Canada
2010 Modern ways of using batik and watercolor technics (theory and workshops), Kunsthof Berlin, Germany
2009 Importance of Fine Arts for comprehensive development of personality", Kherson University, Ukraine
2007 Development of aesthetic world perception by children", Kherson University, Ukraine 


2017 PhD in Psycholinguistics at Antwerp University, Belgium
2011 Master of Arts in Psycholinguistics, Antwerp University, Belgium
2009 Kyiv National Academy of Culture and Arts at Kherson, Ukraine
2006 Master of Arts in Languages and Culture education, Kherson State University, Ukraine
2005 Kyiv National University of Culture and Arts at Kherson, Ukraine
1992-1998 Kherson Tavryja Lyceum of Art, Classical Art and Art history


2014 Biloushchenko, I., lights&OBJECTS, Antwerp (read online)
2013 Biloushchenko, I., Plastract ART, Antwerp (read online)
2012 Biloushchenko, I., 2003-2011, Antwerp (read online)
2011 Biloushchenko, I., BilouFlieger, Antwerp (read online)

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