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  • Ihor Biloushchenko

Sister O..... = the younger sister


✝ After one month of fighting the body of my sister couldn't handle it anymore. She died this morning but always stays in my heart. It is very sad how political plays of just distant people can influence someone so dear for you. Brothers and sister lost her sister, boy lost her mother. In a war everyone loses.


Doctors say, the situation is "stable weak". To keep stable breathing they did tracheostomy operation.


From yesterday is my sister O..... back to reanimation. The situation is back unstable and we don't know what to expect.


The sister O..... is stable after the operation. Her right side is still paralysed and she doesn’t speak. No one except the medical personnel is allowed to see her. The older sister and neighbours organise everything needed like medication and care.


My younger sister is still in reanimation department. She is so weak that only medical personal is aloud to have contact with her. The hospital is short on medication and special "food" so the older sister and her doughter are looking daily for everything needed. The dayly costs vary between €50 and €100. The hospital tries always to help if there is a cheaper but effective alternative.


I have two sisters, both older than me, they live in Ukraine. To identify them for my friends I often call them "the older sister" and "the younger sister". They were not really close with each other last years, each had own way to survive the reality. It happened so that I'm much closer to the younger one.

Unexpectedly the war came to Ukraine and I see how two sisters support each other in this difficult time. More than 20 days they were sleeping in a bunker because they live in a dangerous area of Kherson, very close to Chornobaïvka. The place became an important military point because of the small internationall airport. Every night a lot of bombing and shooting. So close and so loud that even people in bunkers were praying for peace. From almost the first day there is no safe way leaving the city, no humanitarian corridors.

A week ago I got a phone call from my oldest sister saying that the younger sister is taken to the hospital with a brain haemorrhage. The next day was my youngest sister birthday, 48, only 48. The ambulace directly said that they cannot give any promisses because the damage is huge. After two days she woke up. I talked to her but she was weak and didn't remeber the previous day. Yesterday night she got new bleeding, she couldn't speak and the right part of her got paralysed. The doctor convinced us for an urgent surgery. At this moment we have only hope she ever gets better. I believe she is fighting for her life and we keep hoping for the best.

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Touché Guimarães
Touché Guimarães
Apr 19, 2022

Deep from the heart, sending you all possible warmth geography permits. So, so sorry to read this.


Apr 17, 2022

Игорь, прими мои искренние соболезнования…

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