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When you are happy…

You´ve got to believe in happiness. It is the only way to ever be able to experience it.

As any kind of art you can not create it if you do not see the point in the creative appeal.

It´s not specifically a matter of self-confidence and it is not necessarily linked to any special talent.

Even if happiness is the result of ´the soft touch´ of small little facts of daily life, being happy comes from constant care and solid decision to follow a project for happiness, to try and find alternatives to make this project become true. A firm pace, open mind and heart to accept and adapt to whatever unexpected turns are needed to keep going and get there.

Being happy does not have to be complicated. Nor originated in struggles. We can just be happy by perceiving that no-one is entitled to it and that we can´t take joy for granted. We need to be grateful and value all drops of kindness that fall from other peoples attitudes and words. When we collect seeds of delicacy and plant them around no matter how unaccessible and hard the soil can be. Sometimes people´s feelings have been hurt and you´ve got to be careful when stepping around their personal gardens.

Van Gogh can be an inspiration: take a look at his paintings and meditate about the meaning of each of those little traces he used to compose each image. Most of his paints are masterpieces, extraordinarily made of..soft touches. Details are fundamental! A single missing trace and the whole piece is lost. So is the creation of a happy life.

Luxury is not the foundation of a happy home. As long as we have coziness around us, our place can be as simple as our emotions. A healthy and peaceful surrounding to shelter a healthy and peaceful body. Affection fits just anywhere and the warmth originated in hugs and words is more than enough to keep us alive.

This is all happiness is about: self-respect, self-care, good emotions and the true belief that being happy is possible.

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