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  • Ihor Biloushchenko

I need peace I don’t care about watermelons!

Kherson/Cherson is not my birth city but I grew up here. I lived here for 20 years, did my school and university years.

The pictures of the military invasion and bombings reach my heart because all the locations have memories. Last years they were already fading and now they are probably lost forever.

Kherson is known for watermelons. Also melons, tomatoes, and sunflowers, but it is not about them this time. At least for the west post-soviet part, Kherson is associated with summer, sea, and watermelons. Especially in august.

In august the watermelons are everywhere. Every 500 meters or less there is a pile of watermelons just on the ground and a person selling them. Very cheap. No one buys just a part of a watermelon, we buy it whole. We eat it as a meal with the whole family. Once I was also selling the watermelons with my brother…

As the war proceeds, it looses the last human features. Human life is converted into numbers, there is more hate and rage in the expressions, communication. First month of the war there was hope for the agreement, now it is only about destroying, killing each other. No one cares anymore about the humans. Right, I just told you, they are just numbers…

The new motivation to get Kherson back is to “go for watermelons because they are ripe”. It would be funny if it wouldn’t be so sad.

I hope for as much as possible humans who live their life, families that are reunited, young people who get their future, children who get their joy.

I need PEACE I don’t care about watermelons!

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Touché Guimarães
Touché Guimarães
2022. aug. 16.

dearest Ihor,

So sad this horror is still going on.

We keep you in our hearts and send you our sincere affection.

You are welcome to share the peace of our little island.

Any time you want.

Your always friends,

Touché and Guy

Ihor Biloushchenko
Ihor Biloushchenko
2022. aug. 17.
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Thanks for warm words

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