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  • Ihor Biloushchenko

Sister A.... = the older sister


A.... goes every day to the hospital where O..... is staying. My older sister forgets about her illness and I have to remember her regularly to think about her health as well. We never talked so much before, but nowadays daily we phone each other. She is very scared about the situation, shortage of food and medication, and about the future. Mostly she is not thinking about herself but she wants better future for her children.


I have two older sisters but I identify them for my friends as the older sister and the younger sister. I call them here also the sister A and the sister O based on their first letters of the names.

After 20 days living in a bunker because of the bombing in the area, my younger sister got the brain haemorrhage (more details you can read in the post about sister O). Because the hospitals are short on supplies the older sister started to search for the needed medication. Yesterday I called with my niece, her daughter and she said that the mother stays the whole day in bed. Only today she said to us that she has stomach ulcer and it hurts a lot. After the medical examination doctor prescribed pills. For now they will try to cure it with medication but they have to examine her again next week.

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