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  • Ihor Biloushchenko

Making a human

Every day I have more questions than answers. Possibly it is because of my age or the global situation in the world, or the combination of the two. This time I want to share my questions with you. I don’t have answers. Will I ever have? Maybe you can help me to find them together.

What is being human? How do you know you’re human enough for this world? Does this world need humans?

If you see something destroyed in the news does it make you happy? Or do you hope first that there are no people injured? Or do you hope that it will lead to something safer, better, more human?

If you see a destroyed bridge do you think of the bridge itself of the fire itself? Or about the humans that stayed disconnected, who didn’t have the choice but stay on the side they are right now? Do you think of the vehicles that were on the bridge at the moment it happend? How many people were there? Do you think of the people who have build it? Humans who were literally sweating to build it?

Does thinking about humans makes you more human?

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Touché Guimarães
Touché Guimarães
Oct 09, 2022

Oh, my dear friend, I wish I could offer some answers but no. I struggle to find the reason for our existence. So far, ´being a human´ has just meant being unable to live in peace. Why are we here, what´s the point?

such a beautiful much need for kindness among us. Like tiny shinny dots, sometimes we identify a form we can call ´human´, then we hug each other and share.

Thanks for being, Ihor. Thanks for being with me. We stay united. Little shinny dots called Humans.

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