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  • Ihor Biloushchenko



Exactly one month ago there had to be a usual morning. I went to work like most of the people. But the day brought us war. For someone the war is somewhere far but for me it is close, in my family and in my hart.

Since then it is only getting worse.

This situation completely paralyses me. I always saw myself as Russian and Ukrainian, born in Germany, living in Belgium and having connections to other countries. My grand(grand)parents are from Russia and Ukraine. Although the Ukraine is a separate country, I saw Russians and Ukrainians as one nation, interconnected with culture, history and language. But in this case I get split, I cannot support what happens there.

Last years I hoped the world gets more human, doesn't mater where you're from, what are your roots. But the world forces us to chose one side. In the movies we grew up with there is always a hero and he has to fight a bad guy, a villain. But what if I don’t see any good guys in the current story? All the selfish politicians caring only about own agendas, not about people. Politicians who smile and try to calm us down but at the same time these are the same politicians who brought Ukraine to a conflict, to a war?

Day by day we are hoping it is just a nightmare that goes away, but unfortunately it is still there.

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Guy Voets
Guy Voets
19 abr 2022

Dear Ihor,

So sad indeed. We see it from the outside, elsewhere in Europe, and often are afraid because we can't know how far this madness can go... beyond Ukraine, nuclear?

You have your sisters and their dearest inside Ukraine, illness, hospital, death.

Too sad, and us feeling angry, powerless, disillusioned, worrysome.

It is good to read that your older sister got away. We also have fugitives on our island. Will they be able to go back home, what will be left of their home? Or find a new life elsewhere?

What happens in the war? How can we know, there is a net of lies from both sides, fake news from both sides to encourage and discourage, to glorify…

Me gusta

Touché Guimarães
Touché Guimarães
19 abr 2022

Not to understand: how is it possible that so much power is in hands of so mean people?

Me gusta
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