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  • Ihor Biloushchenko

What do you think about art and identity?

How does it work?

- every week I challenge to share thoughts on certain ideas;

- at the end of the month I write my impression on the topic;

- some of the social media comments will be added here.

Idea/Question 1

What role does art play in shaping our individual and collective identity? Share your thoughts below 👇 🎨

#art #artidentity #identity #humanity #artdiscussion #artandhumanity

Idea/Question 2

Who or what shaped your sense of self, your identity? Share your story below 👇 🎨

#whoAmI #art #artidentity #identity #humanity #artdiscussion #artandhumanity

Idea/Question 3

Can art challenge your understanding of yourself? How?👇 

#whoAmI #art #artidentity #identity #humanity #artdiscussion #artandhumanity


- Feeding our imagination - Art is both record and autobiography. Art shows us our place in our world, while showing others how and why we belong.

- If you call it "a record" do you mean "documenting" the life being timely?

- I would express unpopular perspective. I would say, according to expectation of an artist, art plays huge role in those questions. However for most or the general public art plays the smallest role in building their understanding of identity in self and in group. People are attached to they vision of the socio-economic positions in society, cultural upbringings and religious beliefs, music, sport, fashion and media followings first of all. Very little of them would consider art forms as crucial in that question.

- I don't think it's unpopular, but I call it unaware. Art and identity influence each other. Certain cultures (in combination with religious beliefs etc.) create objects without calling it art, but it expresses their identity. An artist often tries to confront the viewer with certain questions sometimes extending our "borders of identity". What do you think?

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