When life brings us unexpected emotions, we look for the way to let them out. 

While creating this collection I went through love and anger, hate and forgiveness. The idea was to create layers where you can look inside the feeling to get „under the skin” of the emotions. 

These works are meant to be emotional, to look unexpected, chaotic and spontaneous. From one side, the cuts look like wounds created with strong emotions, from other side, they are like openings to freedom from the obsessive emotions, to let them out and do not keep them inside.
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This idea came to me while looking for new materials. The modern world gave me a hint. Where there is so much plasticizing, plastic and Plexiglas became my «modern canvas.» Moreover, this way helps to show an artist’s world, playing with shapes, colors and shadows.

I used special techniques such as dripping, dotting, and blotting to create depth and three-dimensional illusions. Plastract is an expression of searching for my identity as an individual artist. It shows an exciting journey through different styles including impressionism, symbolism, abstract surrealism, etc. With my art I express my emotions and show my inspiration. Most of all, it is flowered with colors. Then life brings us unexpected emotions, we look for the way to let them out.


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